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Quotes by : Creative Advisors I Screenwriting Fellows

" When people said that attending this lab would be a life transforming experience, I wondered really? How? Now I know why they say it. For me this is a new beginning. I feel like I walked into the lab as an infant who was artistically nurtured and like the theme of my script, I came of age by the end of the lab. I had felt that my script had everything in place but I was happy to be corrected. I cannot thank the advisors enough for the most comprehensive feedback I ever had on this script. "

Neeraj Ghaywan (Ud Jayega - Fly Away Solo)


" It's so difficult to express everything that I felt here and what I got out of the Lab. First, I would really, really like to thank you for taking such wonderful care of us. I felt pampered, inspired, and was in awe of the amazing spirit, energy and professionalism. Second, through the feedback and conversations, I realized that things that disturbed me about my script disturbed everyone else too. I learnt to trust my instinct, my voice. I learned the importance of holding back and realizing that this script is not the only opportunity that I'll get to say all that I want to. "

Sanjay Talreja (The River Murder)


" For me it's reasserted the shared nature of our humanity, of how we tell stories, no matter what part of the world we come from. I take back a variety of perspectives from this lab, from across the world, and am curious how it shapes new possibilities to my narrative. I'm excited about this journey. "

Navneet Behal (Experiments with Truth)


" That anyone would have invested so much in becoming acquainted with my work - knowing it nearly as well as I did - had me pinching myself in disbelief, before rushing in to soak in all that was on offer. It made for incisive, productive sessions with mentors who were these incredibly generous, sensitive, sharp folks with solid credits to their names. Suffice to say, the five days of Lab are a watershed in my learning curve as an artist and film professional. They've left me with such a solid set of tools, not only for the screenplay of 'Noor', but with which to think about storytelling itself. "

Ashvin Kumar (Noor)


" I feel exceptionally lucky to have been invited to be part of this lab, and to share this profound experience with such an incredible group of people… fellows, mentors and facilitators alike. The response to my project has been phenomenally energising and empowering, which feels even better since this is really the first external, non-team feedback I've had to it, despite it being with me for several years now. It has also been wonderful to concentrate on being a writer with no outside distractions for five full days… I've never had that luxury for even two days before, and I leave here with renewed passion to see this through, more confident than ever before that this script will be the basis of an extremely special and important movie… I end this lab thoroughly infused with creative energy, which is an absolutely brilliant feeling I can only hope everyone gets a chance to experience at least once in their lifetime. "

Dylan Mohan Gray (The Last Day of Winter)


" There is so much to say. I am really thankful to every advisor for prodding me to go deeper, find answers. I can't believe the kind of care you took of us and am very grateful for the kindness, the fun times, the insane trek, the dancing, the libations, the conversations and the atmosphere of genuine support and tough love. I couldn't have asked for a better sequence of mentors or a more awesome group of fellow fellows. – Exactly what I needed to kickstart this next rewrite! "

Bornila Chaterjee (Nuclear Hearts)


" This has been a life transforming experience. I can say without a doubt that 21st March 2014, Gaurav, the writer was born! "

Gaurav Madan (Shaktipur Crude)


" I'm overwhelmed. I couldn't fathom how every advisor went into such nuances and details of my script. I wondered what had I done to deserve this. Thanks again for an experience that was truly once in a lifetime! "

Deepanjali B Sarkar (Svadharma)