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Quotes by : Creative Advisors I Screenwriting Fellows

" What I learned, is that no matter how far I travel, or exotic the place I land in, we who tell stories are a tribe. We can recognize each other across a room, no matter how unique the space. We speak the same language, even when it's in different tongues. And we want the best for each other, because we understand how important it is for the stories to be told. And no matter where we are the stories are more alike than different. They're talk of courage and love, of community, and a desire for truth and freedom. Our job is to "Disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed." No matter where we are. At every lab, I learn more than I teach. I make connections that last. I find my community again. And the world gets smaller and warmer and richer. "

Naomi Foner


" What a learning experience this has been! I feel I am going back with ideas and inspiration for my own script. I have realized we are all in the same boat – advisors and fellows .So, never get dismayed. It's a cycle – dismay and elation...dismay and elation. "

Sooni Taraporevala


" The India Lab was a real karma boost for me. Bliss hits all day long and into the night I also believe that the arts will save us. The arts are the only hope for our species. The arts breed co-existence and that is the solution to the world's problems. Does not matter what out ethnic origins are, or politics or religion or sexual preference, or language, we come together at Sundance to create and not destroy. "

James V Hart


" I respect the writers and enjoy t that I get to spend time talking about screenwriting with them. The evening that we spent around the fire - singing, talking reminded me that we are from a long line of storytellers. We have been creating and telling our stories throughout civilization and we will continue doing it. It's amazing that all of us flew down from different parts of the world, just to share our stories. In these times of computers, facebook, skype - it's so special to be face to face. This experience is truly special. "

Malia Scotch Marmo


" When I am writing something and I reach an interesting point of engagement, my mind starts racing, there is adrenaline rush, I can't sleep. After a long time I could not sleep here because your screenplays were racing in my mind. Never before had I engaged with someone else's work like this. Never before have I been a part of a community where writers have been cared for so deeply. "

Michael Handelman


" It's always an incredible experience for me to be a part of a Lab, to be a part of the symbiosis between the advisors and the fellows. We are all on the same journey. We feed off each other. I want to see all these films and somehow be a part of them. When I am advising someone, it' as if I m reminding myself of all the things I need to do for my film. I would really like to thank you for the wonderful hospitality. "

Rose Troche


" When I was a child, I never wanted to play with other children. The only thing I enjoyed was having my puppets around talking stuff...what kind of stuff I don't have a clue. The good think is now we do talk "real stuff" - or at least we like to think so. And here, I realized that I have made my child's play into my profession. Thank you. "

Elena Soarez


" This experience reaffirms my belief that screenwriters must speak with one another about their work because their work is their life. Advising is a task which makes me feel very alive. One has to be ultra-sensitive to do this.  And this lab where writing is given such high importance is really special. I feel re-energized. "

Anjum Rajabali